Western AI

About Us:

OUR MISSION: We are Western University’s undergraduate AI community. Our mission is to build a nationwide community of students who are passionate about Artificial Intelligence and aspire to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.


Learn: Our aim is to provide an equal opportunity for any student interested in AI, no matter how much prior technical experience you have, to learn something new. Whether that be how to navigate the ethics of AI, or how to implement a neural network in Python, we believe everyone can build an understanding of AI and apply it to any area of interest.

Build: We provide a supportive environment for you to build AI-related projects by getting matched with peers and having direct access to Western AI’s executive team for guidance and assistance.

Explore: We’re striving to have our club members bond and collaborate with each other through socials, projects, and industry networking events to help you make the most of your time at Western. Furthermore, we believe AI’s potential has only scratched the surface and there are immense career opportunities yet to be realized in the field. From discovering and learning about companies to preparing for the final round interview, we are prepared and here to help you achieve your career goals.

Our Initiatives

We’re committed to producing top AI talent at Western. Here are a variety of regular events we are running to help you learn the technical skills necessary to apply artificial intelligence technology and participate in machine learning projects!

EDUCATIONALS: We have developed sets of educational lessons to get you to start on making AI projects, including introductions to Google Collab, Neural Net Theory, and Tensorflow to jump-start your AI learning journey. You can access these through our project teams for now, but stay tuned for later in September for the educationals to be released to all members.

PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING: Sign-up for our P2P learning sessions to work through AI courses facilitated by members of our WAI executive team. We will have discussions and exercises based on the content of online lectures in a collaborative environment to keep you engaged and thinking outside the box.

PROJECT TEAMS: So, you’ve learned about AI, but how do you actually build a ML application from start to deployment? Work with fellow members of Western AI & directed by a project manager to build a selected project ranging from Cats vs Dogs Image Classifiers, Medical Classifiers, Self-Driving cars, and more. Check out our projects page for more information!

CAREER GROWTH: Western AI aims to help students elevate their careers by exposing them to new paths or giving them the skills to use AI in any field of interest. Our network of sponsors will open up a talent corridor connecting Western’s AI talent with the industry.

How to connect with us?

Come out and join our brand new Discord Community! We’ll be posting all announcements, sign-ups, and opportunities here first!

Check out our slide deck from our AGM last week to get a good overview of everything we’ll be doing this year!

And follow us on our social media here: