UWO Transitional Justice Club

About us:
As an approach to systematic and/or massive human right violations, Transitional Justice aims to provide and enhance opportunities for the transformation of political systems, conflicts and other rooted conflicts. A Transitional Justice approach therefore recognizes two goals in dealing with these abuses: (1) Gain some level of justice for victims, and (2) Reinforce the possibilities for peace, democracy, and reconciliation. As an emerging field of political science, Transitional Justice is concerned with achieving these ends through judicial, non-judicial and alternative means of justice.The UWO Transitional Justice Club aims to be an outlet in which students can participate in the currently emerging discourse in transitional justice by engaging with leading researchers in the field. As an academic club; affiliated with the Centre for Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction; we host numerous events centered around educating and discussing the causes, effects, and aftermath of conflicts around the world. Moreover, we strive to be the voice for those in need as well as provide relief through fundraising, aadvocacy, leadership & inclusivity, and international & local support.

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