Taiwanese Association at Western

About us:
The Taiwanese Association at Western (TAW) is one of Western’s largest and fastest growing Asian student organizations. Here, we genuinely value family and culture aspects. We strive to create an environment where people can have fun together, support each other, and learn more about Taiwanese culture. Our goal with each event is that there are direct reflections of this vision. Across our platforms, you can find some of our events like karaoke and game nights. But our largest one you should keep an eye out for is our annual Night Market held in late March, which has attracted over 500+ students.Throughout the year, we not only host events but also collaborate with other clubs or charities to give back to the community, letting them know that we are here and we care. This year, we have over 45 executives and over 100+ members across Canada, Taiwan, China, and many more! As we continue to grow, it would be an honour to have you contribute to the diversity of this club!

More Information: